Why I Choose Oneplus 3

I have been wanting an Android smartphone with pure OS (such as AOSP, CM) for long. However, after checking all the phones on market, I could hardly find a well suitable one. Nexus is great but is a little expensive and not easy to purchase in China. Phones made by Chinese manufacures are good and have great cost-performance ratio, but the OS is always filled with all kinds preinstalled apps and a security app which has supreme permissions. Often, the security app will take over many original functions OS should provide, so you cannot disable them. It sucks!

I make a list shows several features expected. Below is a brief description.

  • Should be delivered with a pure OS or supported by CM. AOSP will be best.
  • Support all kinds of networks, including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, etc.
  • Support two SIM cards.
  • Equipped with an NFC chip.
  • Equipped with a fingerprint sensor && placed in the front panel instead of the back.
  • Support full disk encryption.
  • Storage >= 32GB && RAM >= 3GB.
  • Screen size about 5.2 inches.
  • Price below ¥2500 ($380).

This list have been existed for more than 1 year and no phones were up to the standard. ( Although I did not explicitly make such a list, but it did exist in my mind. Besides, several features were added lately.)

Recently, I was so excited to find a model almost fully satisfy the requirement. That is Oneplus 3 with official Oxygen OS (oversea version)!

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    • 开始尝试,也是憋了好一会,好多意思想不到合适的表达.

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